One Shot Adventures! Days of Knights

One Shot Adventures are scenarios designed for introducing new players to the role playing hobby, and for existing gaming groups who are in between games, or when some players just can’t make it to game night and you don’t want to leave them out of the action. Each adventure uses the Simple Sixes game mechanics, a complete set of generic rules that are fun, easy, and quick to learn and teach. An adventure should take no more than a single session to complete, but it can easily be turned into a long-running campaign with the additional rules in the appendix for character creation and advancement. Each adventure is set in a different genre with fully pre-generated characters that will allow for immediate game play.

Game Master prep time can take less than ten minutes for more experienced gamers as the entire plot of the adventure is presented in an outline format. For new or lesser experienced GMs, prep time should still be less than thirty minutes by simply reading the synopsis, outline and character templates to familiarize oneself with the adventure proper.

Days of Knights is a simple scenario for beginning players involving the capture of a Princess by a spineless neighboring King and his minions. The characters must brave the treacherous Blood Wood Forest and the Grave Mire to reach the coastal tower of Darkenfeldt to rescue the fair maiden. Along the way they will face an ancient dragon, goblins, zombies and an evil wizard with a penchant for fire spells. It is a classic tale of good versus evil, one that should be familiar to all.

Days of Knights has ten character templates for the players to choose from, from knights to common soldiers to wayward maidens with a penchant for filching and burgling. The special genre rules included with the adventure include jousting, sorcery and alchemy.

Days of Knights is available for download at a reasonable price of $8.50 at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow Today!

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