Days of Knights Add Ons

Below are some add ons you might like to insert into your Days of Knights adventure or campaign.

New Spells

Range: Personal
Area: Personal
Duration: 3 rounds per skill level
Effect: The caster of Foresee begins having visions of possible future events. He or she can gain information about an upcoming battle, or other encounter. The amount of information gained depends upon how long the caster focuses on the future. For every three rounds spent in contemplation after casting Foresee, the caster envisions one possible outcome of a future event.

The GM determines what future event the caster sees in his or her vision. The detail of the vision is determined by the Quality Result of the caster’s Sorcery skill roll. A regular Success gives the caster vague impressions of the future (“you see a battle, people dying on every side, an arrow pierces the heart of a valiant warrior.”) A Good Success allows for more details (“you see a battle taking place in Blood Wood, a group of bandits has attacked a caravan, the leader of the guard is killed by an arrow to his heart.”) A Superb Success gets the caster some major details (“at dusk, two days hence, a caravan is attacked by a group of bandits near Tomboggle Bend on the road to Arnest in Blood Wood. The captain of the guard, a former warrior from Parussia, fights valiantly, but is felled by an arrow from the bow of a bandit hiding in a tree to the southwest of his position.”)

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