Hello everyone.

If you have any access to the outside world, then you know about the recent tragedy in Haiti. The people there are going through troubles that I have never personally seen, and hope that I never do. You have also likely seen the many benefits that have been circulating around the world to raise funds for the efforts to help the Haitians through this terrible time. Well, here is another that might be of interest to most who might be reading this.

One Bookshelf (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow) has put up a bundle package of games from various publishers such as HinterWelt, TableTop Adventures, Basic Action Games, Margaret Weis Productions, Crafty Games, Keck Publishing, and many, many more. Dubbed the “Mega-Bundle,” you get over $1,000 worth of PDF downloads for a mere $20.00 donation. All proceeds from the sale of this bundle will go directly to the Doctors Without Borders association. Please, if you have an extra $20 bucks, consider dropping it on this benefit. The Haitian people will get the aid they need, and you will get tons of gaming material for your effort.

Thank you,
James F Keck
Keck Publishing

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