Keck Publishing is proud to announce Gamer’s Greetings, a personalizable greeting card for gamers! The cards are in PDF format with fillable form areas in which you can enter your own short, personal message in the font used for the main text of the card. Each card also comes with a personalizable envelope PDF that also has fillable form areas for the To and Return address fields, and they are set in the font of the card as well. Each zipped file contains one card PDF, one envelope PDF, and an instructional PDF to help you in personalizing, printing, and folding your card.

Each card sells for $1.25 at DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and other One Bookshelf affiliate sites, but just for Christmas, you can get all four of the current cards for only $4.00! New cards will be added each week, so keep checking our sales pages for updates!

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