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Tales of WarWelcome to the Tales of series! Tales of War is the first in a line of products that are created around the OpenD6 Gaming system. This issue of Tales of War re-introduces Nazi Fury, a vintage pulp-genre story by Lt. Scott Morgan. Also included is a Mini Six compatible adventure titled The Road to Rouen. This adventure takes the PCs on a mission to liberate a French scientist from the clutches of Nazi forces in occupied France, just as D-Day is about to begin. There are tons of weapons stats, vehicle stats, and some new rules to be had as well!

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Magic & MiraclesIntroducing Magic & Miracles, an alternative magic system for use with the OpenD6 role playing system. Inside you’ll find three alternate systems; one for Arcane Magic, one for Faith based Prayer, and one for Conjuration. Each system has its own unique feel, and offers something more than simple “Extranormal” abilities. Inside you’ll find over 140 spells, prayers, and tricks, and three new character templates, one for each type of magic.

If you’ve played OpenD6 Fantasy, or Adventure, and have found yourself wanting more from the included magical systems, give Magic & Miracles a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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Threat Record Issue #3

This issue is packed with many great features for the 4C System, including several spy-type gadgets, and cybernetic and espionage NPCs, We introduce COMBAT, an organization that wages an invisible war against terrorism, and organized crime. You get the first half of “Opening Night at the Palace,” a short piece of fiction which follows a group of battle-hardened mercenaries on their latest tour of duty. Follow that up with the gear used in the story statted up for D6 Space, as well as new character templates based on the characters in the story! Next we traipse into the wastes of a Mutant Future, and encounter three new mutants, each with a nasty surprise for the unwary adventurer. You might also pick up a new mental mutation while exploring those old ruins of the ancients! You’ll also discover new rules variants for the 4C System by Curt Meyer, and this issue’s In Review column gives you information on not one, but two products from Vigilance Press; The World Metahuman Factbook: Germany, by Charles Rice, and The World Metahuman Factbook: Australia, by Bill Browne.

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Hello everyone.

If you have any access to the outside world, then you know about the recent tragedy in Haiti. The people there are going through troubles that I have never personally seen, and hope that I never do. You have also likely seen the many benefits that have been circulating around the world to raise funds for the efforts to help the Haitians through this terrible time. Well, here is another that might be of interest to most who might be reading this.

One Bookshelf (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow) has put up a bundle package of games from various publishers such as HinterWelt, TableTop Adventures, Basic Action Games, Margaret Weis Productions, Crafty Games, Keck Publishing, and many, many more. Dubbed the “Mega-Bundle,” you get over $1,000 worth of PDF downloads for a mere $20.00 donation. All proceeds from the sale of this bundle will go directly to the Doctors Without Borders association. Please, if you have an extra $20 bucks, consider dropping it on this benefit. The Haitian people will get the aid they need, and you will get tons of gaming material for your effort.

Thank you,
James F Keck
Keck Publishing

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iss2covthmbIt’s finally finished! Threat Record Issue #2 is finally done, and is on sale now at all OBS storefronts! It’s packed with 32 pages of 4C awesomeness!

In this issue you get five wicked Martial Arts Styles from around the world including Ninjutsu, Silambam, Bak Mei, Bokator, and of course, Karate. Each of the five 4C NPCs is a practitioner of one of the afore-mentioned arts, and each has a suggested scenario to introduce them to your group of player characters. We also introduce you to the Fine Art of Fighting, an article on the fighting arts of SMITE, a 4C Fantasy setting from Silverlion Studios. There’s also an article covering Martial Arts weaponry from around the globe; nunchucks, shuriken, and katanas, oh my!

So what are you waiting for? Go to RPGNow, or DriveThruRPG, and get some now!

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trcovIntroducing Threat Record, a series of bi-monthly supplements for use with the Marvelous 4C System rules set!  Each issue of Threat Record will introduce five NPCs to use with, or against, the players in your campaigns, and a short scenario for each of them (some with maps and additional NPCs).  We will also introduce new rules, powers, weapons and gadgets, and any other game enhancing tidbits that are sure to make your sessions rock!

Threat Record on sale now at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG at a low rate of $6.00 $2.00 USD!

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Keck Publishing announces the coming release of Side Trek Scenarios, mini-adventures or encounters that can be thrown in with published One Shot Adventures! Each Side Trek is designed to work with, or independently of, its parent One Shot. Side Treks are intended to enrich the setting of each One Shot Adventure with additional information about areas mentioned but not covered in detail.

The first Side Trek Scenario is titled The Goblins of Blood Wood, a mini-romp into a goblin lair within the Blood Wood Forest of the Days of Knights One Shot Adventure. The characters can clear out the lair, in hopes of making the forest safer for everyone who travels its trails, or simply seek out whatever treasures that may lie hidden within the dank, dark tunnels below Blood Wood. This Side Trek also introduces a new skill, Miracle Working, and several Miracles for a character with the skill to use. Also included are several new creatures that are native to Blood Wood.

The Goblins of Blood Wood will be available for download soon from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow for a low price of $4.00. Keep watching here for the latest announcements!

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Keck Publishing announces a Thanksgiving Day weekend special. One Shot Adventures, Days of Knights is on sale from now until Sunday, midnight CST for only $5.00!

Days of Knights is a simple adventure with basic role playing rules that are easy to learn and teach to new role players. Joust with your fellow knights, slay a wicked dragon, defeat an evil sorcerer, and save the Princess from the clutches of the heinous King of Darkenfeldt!

One Shot Adventures are designed to be used as introductory scenarios for new players just learning about role playing. They can also be used to fill the gaps between campaigns, or as a mini-game to be played when some of your regular players just can’t make game night. If you like the setting, and wish to continue playing in it, there are even rules for stretching a One Shot Adventure into a full-featured campaign.

Get yours now at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, for only $5.00!

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The second installment of our One Shot Adventures line of scenarios will be up for sale very soon at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. This scenario is a Sci-Fi adventure set in the distant future in a galaxy not unlike our own. The characters are members of a crew of the independent freighter Easy Money. Hired to deliver an expensive cargo to a mining colony, they are knocked out of hyperspace right into the middle of a planetary siege in an uncharted star system. Things heat up as their ship takes some heavy damage that forces them to land on the beleaguered planet for repairs, only to be coerced into assisting the alien populace in saving their world.

Like all One Shot Adventures, Supernova offers ten pre-generated character templates for players to choose from. The lite rules system is simple, and easy to learn, and teach to new players. You can use Supernova to teach new players about role playing, or as a quick and simple adventure for your regular players when you are between campaigns, or when some of them can’t make it for game night, and you don’t want to leave their characters behind.

Supernova will hopefully be available for download before Christmas, so keep an eye out for future announcements here!!!

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Days of Knights, the first in a series of adventures designed to help introduce new players to the role playing hobby, is on sale now at DriveThruRPGand RPGNow! Get yours today!

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